Welcome to HomeCare GateMaster

Visioneering Bio design is a joint venture between all cell phone equipment providers and wireless communication service providers in collaboration with select firms, home care agencies and colleges and community groups.

Visioneering’s name was inspired and is based on a book written by Andy Stanley.

When people lack a vision, they will eventually perish and the mission of Visioneering Bio Design is to bring bio medical innovation solutions to the chronically disabled communities. Our goal is to provide real hope for those who are challenge daily to live a better life. We support this life goal for better living, using the innovative web-based communications and sensor-based technologies

Growth objectives will always include vision casting and provision to deliver hope and a better life…

These are our roots for a design philosophy that reflects a strong mission statement and one that is continually guided by a dedicated Advisory Council, of a membership that has many years of medical care expertise and service.

Vision that is clear… and 20 20 principles that will make the difference.

The mission statement and 20 – 20 vision principles always serve as the foundation for our desire to serve and deliver, systems and procedures that truly matter.

In addition, our quality assurance and best practice programs will endeavor to provide quality and measurable results. In the end is our clients, who measure our success by the success how we treat people we serve and support.

Visioneering is simply showing that we care and communicate a vision of well-being.

At Visioneering we are dedicated by using folks who care, and together we form a patient centered care community of services to deliver quality and provide support that enhances the lives of the individuals we serve.

A clear 20-20 view allows for a commitment for effective management of a shared technology resource to fulfil mutual responsibilities to the communities that we support, to our staff, our vendors, and most importantly our customers.  We wish to deliver to our friends in need effective use of high tech tools along with a high touch.

We serve with dignity, purpose, compassion, and shared skills.  We wish to help build a better way of Life, motivating everyone to reach their best potential.

Our collaborative mission includes the New Life Foundation is one that exudes a shared community for those who wish to help those who have special needs, creating bonds that will help caring people to use available smart technology.  We’re a team of community service agencies and home care agencies and approved certified providers to DD clients for an improved quality of life, always seeking to increase their independence and maintain their privacy, health and safety.

To learn more about HomeCare GateMaster and other Apps please visit the Visioneering Bio Design, LLC website at www.visioneeringbiodesign.com/our-projects/